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Air Conditioning & Heat Maintenance For Texas Weather

When you purchase a home, costs you will incur are the maintenance of the air conditioning & heat system. The manufacturer’s suggestion is that the system is checked in the fall and in the spring, and to clean the system when it is dirty. The home warranty company does not pay for the semi-annual check or for the cleaning. You will need to budget for these services. The most important thing to remember is that the home warranty company will not pay for repairs to the system if it fails because it has not been maintained properly.

In Texas, we have high humidity and violent swings in temperature. These elements create rust, which ruins air conditioning & heat equipment.

If you are painting or having carpentry work done, the dust or paint in the air can ruin the equipment. You may need to change the filters weekly while your home is being remodeled.

Make sure all landscaping debris or lawn furniture is cleared away from the outside condensing unit. Use a power nozzle to clean the unit and the surrounding area.

Before you purchase a home make sure that the air conditioning & heating equipment are checked out by a licensed HVAC technician. A Home Inspector is not allowed to disassemble a unit or use gauges to thoroughly inspect the equipment.