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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants swarm at the same time of year as termites. Generally, when the summer months arrive and it is hot. They especially love humid weather and come out after a big rain storm

Termites and Carpenter Ants are very different, please compare:

Instead of living in a “colony” under the ground the nest is usually located in trees, walls or foliage. Generally, there is at leave five active groups that come from one nest. They are usually found in doors, windows, wood that has been water damaged, dry rot wood or old termite decay

They are nocturnal so you generally don’t see them in the daytime

You cannot “spot” treat them or they will send another team of reinforcement ants from the nest

There are four steps to eradicate Carpenter Ants:

  1. Cut back all foliage that is touching your house because it has created a “natural bridge” from trees and landscape where most nests are located.
  2. Baiting: chemical pellets are placed in the attic and around the foundation of the home and in dense foliage.
  3. Treat infected area with a flushing chemical that kills on contact.
  4. Chemically Dusting areas that are in a high moisture locations.

Pier and Beam homes are harder to treat because you must “crawl” and apply chemical dust in the attic and under the house. The great news is that the dusting chemical will eradicate more than the Carpenter Ants under the house at the same time!

It will take 90 days for the chemicals to work (just like termites) so after the treatment you must be patient… which is hard.

Nations Resident Service offers Carpenter Ant Treatment coverage performed by a licensed pest company for $149 (slab or pier and beam) and it is guaranteed for 90 days. You may find less expensive prices advertised but remember that we will be here to “back you up” if there are service problems.