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Foundations and the Effects of Texas Weather

40% of homeowners last year were 1st time buyers. Many of you don’t know that after you water the lawn you must also “water” the foundation. Why do I worry? Because residential service companies do not cover foundations and the importance of soil integrity around and under foundations will affect the systems that we cover. When the foundation shifts it will cause plumbing leaks or breaks that are not covered by the contract.

Obviously, in August and September a foundation watering system is necessary during the hot, dry weather. You need to be walking your property to check the foundation for separation or concrete cracks.

The best solution is to install a buried foundation watering system (very expensive). There are suggestions from foundation companies to bury a soaker hose three inches deep and one foot from the edge of your foundation. But the practical plan is to rotate a soaker hose around the perimeter of the home to maintain a constant level of moisture in the soil under the house and foundation.

Also, remember not to place the hose against the foundation. When the soil is dried and cracked the water will always drop to the lowest point and the water will run through the cracks and accumulate at the bottom of the grade beam (the thick part that is under the exterior walls). You need enough water to keep the soil wet all the time. If the surface is damp only, your watering program will not work.

Your water bill may rise- but you will be saving money versus foundation or plumbing problems later.