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How to Winterize a Pool

The main purpose in winterizing an in-ground swimming pool is to protect it from damage due to freezing water. Water must be drained from the equipment/pipes to prevent damage.

  1. The filter should have a plug at the bottom that will allow it to drain.
  2. Be sure to open the air relief valve on top if there is one.
  3. Put the multi-port valve in the closed and remove the pressure gauge.
  4. Remove the plugs from the pump. Do not put the plugs back in. If the equipment should get water in it, the plugs will prevent proper drainage.
  5. After draining the pump, turn it on for a brief second to get the water out of the impeller. Do not run the pump more than a second or two because this can burn out the seal very quickly. The water will drain out of the pipes and equipment.