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Subterranean Termites

The Dallas Ft.Worth Metroplex is # 6th in the United States for subterranean termite infestations.

Termites live in a “colony” 6′ under the ground and 68 degrees year round.

Once a year they “swarm”, usually around April 15th. We always say . . . In Texas it is Termites and Taxes! In fact, our office places bets on when the big swarm will hit the Metroplex.

Basically, when your home was built, the contractor formed all the plumbing penetrations and patios with stakes of wood, then they pour the slab. When the wood stakes rot away termites march up through tunnels to eat the rotted wood. If you have a pier and beam, home rotted wood is usually caused by a water leak.

In April, it is mating season for termites. Lots of male termites meet lots of female termites (called swarmers), generally in your bathroom, to mate and form new colonies outside the tunnels.

Swarmers do very little damage, but can give you a fright, and must be treated as soon as possible. You can spray them with an insect repellent or even hair spray while you are waiting for a treatment.

Because they generally HIT in a 24 hour period, much like HOT weather, you will probably have to wait for service. Do not be alarmed, they will not do any damage in the short time it will take us to come to your home. The reason you have to wait for a pest technician is that there will be 1,000s of infestations happening in such a short time.

If you have friends or family that get termites, tell them about NATIONS and NOT to call a termite company.

The Co-pay for a termite treatment, which is guaranteed for 12 months is $200.00 plus tax. If you are a Nation’s renewal customer or monthly customer the termite treatment fee is $300 plus tax.

A bargain price for a residential service contract (home warranty) + termite treatment.

Most termite companies will charge $1,500 or up for a termite treatment.

Have your friends or family call the office if they have any questions on coverage or would like printed material mailed to them.