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Home Inspectors (by law) do a limited inspection of the air conditioning/heat system (HVAC).

  • Generally, the only thing a Home Inspector checks is the “split” on the HVAC system. That is the air temperature difference coming out of the vents and the inside temperature of the house.

  • They do not disassemble equipment.
  • The Home Inspection is VISUAL only.
  • It is very difficult to know if the furnace and filters are full of rust, dust or corrosion. Or the main thing: if the heat exchanger is cracked.

Home warranty suggestions for a happy BUYER:

  • Explain to the Buyer that there may be items in the HVAC system that will NOT be covered by the home warranty after closing. 

Under sell us…we will over deliver.

  • Encourage them to hire a reliable HVAC company to inspect the total HVAC system during the option period.  The cost of an inspection could save them $8,000 if they have to replace an a/c unit.
  • If discovering a deficiency after the Home inspection, advise them to hire their own HVAC company for the repairs. Usually, the Seller does not want to spend any money and may only do a bare minimum correction. 

This can leave them out in cold…or heat!