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HVAC Filters

The home warranty does not cover failures caused by dirty filters and does not pay to clean the system. Also, the system must be clean before new parts will be installed. You may think you only have ONE filter, BUT you may have more. Have your a/c service contractor document: size of your air filters and locations. Here are three places to look:

  • Return air plenum (attic) 
  • Filter base (furnace closet)
  • Return air grill (inside the home)

Dirty filters lead to reduced capacity, higher bills, shortened equipment life, and failures. Filter changes in a timely manner are important, and their need can vary depending on run time, pet fur or the cleanliness within the home. Special occasions when it is important to replace filters:

  • An illness from a virus. 
  • Any type of construction or painting. Do not run your system while work is in progress. 
  • Extra dust accumulation in the house.