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WATER HEATERS – Department of Energy (DOE) mandate

 NEW Department of Energy (DOE) mandate effective April, 2015 

New federal rules which are taking effect after April will mean changes for anyone installing a new water heater after that date. The requirements will make the appliances more energy efficient, but it’s going to mean higher costs and possibly some headaches for homeowners during their installation.

  • New units will be, taller, wider and heavier. If your unit is in a tight fitting place, it may have to be moved to a new location.
  • Installation will probably take 2 technicians.
  • Because new units are in production right now, there could be delays in obtaining one because of shortages.

 Home warranty companies only cover the unit; not:

  • Access
  • Relocation
  • Code Issues (additional optional coverage can be purchased for code issues)
  • Refitting plumbing
  • Additional manpower

 The good news is that new energy efficient water heaters will save money for the homeowner on utility bills and will cut down on excessive energy use.