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The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow!!

  • The key is the timing. Pre-emergent herbicides MUST be applied BEFORE crabgrass and weed seeds germinate.
  • Treat early for weeds- before they SPROUT. Treat your lawn with a PRE-EMERGENT HERBECIDE.
  • Best time: Mid- February to mid- March depending on surface temperature.
  • Although the term ‘weed’ is subjective, it is usually applied to invasive plants that compete with the grass for space to grow – clover and dandelions, coarse-leaved grasses, daisies and buttercups as just some examples.
  • Early identification and prompt removal can alleviate large-scale problems. This can be as simple as following a yearly lawn maintenance plan.

Call for an appointment with a Nations Home Warranty pest contractor TODAY! Thanks to the Royal Horticultural Society for this information.