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Batteries power all kinds of gadgets, and there’s a bit of mystery to them*.

1. A common myth is that batteries should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer – FALSE. Batteries are best kept in a dry place at normal temperatures.

2. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat and cold can reduce life and quality.

3. Store in original packaging because if they are loose, the positive and negative ends, can inadvertently touch each other and drain each other while in storage.

4. New and old batteries should not be stored together or power will drain from the new one.

5. Another misunderstanding is the “Best if used by” date on batteries shows how long the battery will last in a device – WRONG. The actual date refers to how long the battery can last in storage.

6. Buy batteries with the longest date range available and use those on hand with the closest date first.

*Thanks to Costco for this information

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