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For Your Home Airconditioning System


  • Freon R22 WILL BE phased out by 2020 and will scarcely be available.
  • ½ of ALL existing HVAC units will need to be replaced or reconfigured.
  • R22 equipment must be replaced with equipment that works with R410 PURON (an environmentally safe refrigerant).
  • If your house has an HVAC system that uses FREON R22:
    • Add the PREMIER Package $100 to save hundreds of dollars:
      • Code Violations: Pay $250 when effecting repair or replacement
      • Permits: Pay up to $150 per occurrence up to $500 maximum per contract item.
      • Refrigerant Recover and Disposal
      • Haul Away of replaced equipment: Pay 150 per occurrence up to $500 per contract item.
      • Cranes: Pay $500 per contract period towards cranes or other lifting equipment that are necessary to service to rooftop HVAC units.
      • FREON 22 replacement and recapture


  • Construction Modification Plan at $50: Pays up to $500 per contract period for construction modification costs that may become necessary when replacing old equipment with NEW equipment.
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