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January Home Tips

None of these are all that exciting, but they will leave you with a gratifying sense of satisfaction that you’re doing right by your home, your wallet, and your time:

  • Check smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Are your emergency devices still working and fully charged? Do they need a new battery?
  • Change the air filter. New Year, new you. Keep your HVAC, home, and yourself happy this year and change this every three months, at least. So easy to forget. One idea is to pick up a subscription to FilterSnap to make your life more convenient – they’ll deliver to your door at regular intervals so you don’t have to remember.
  • Change the water filter in your fridge (if you have a refrigerator that dispenses water).
  • Unclog any drains in the house. There are multiple ways people do this, ranging from snakes to Drano. I prefer the Zip-It.
  • Refrigerator maintenance. Vacuum the coils of the fridge condenser to ensure it’s operating at maximum efficiency.
  • Buy some de-ice melt or road salt. Make sure you’re not caught with your pants down when the snow and ice hit this year. Buy the salt before you need it. I need to heed my own thoughts here, because I always forget.