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Circulate Air with a Fan

  • Most people use a fan when it’s warm and switch to AC when it’s hot. But fans and AC should not be either/or. In fact, AC works better when combined with fans.
  • Cool air accumulates where it gets blown out. For window AC units, this means the area right in front of the unit is the coolest. For central units, the coolest areas are right around the vents.
  • To cool down the rest of your air space, you either must wait for thermal transfer—which is painfully slow—or you can force the cooled air to circulate using a fan.
  • Imagine a drop of blue food coloring in a glass of water. If you wait, it could take hours before the color seeps throughout the water. But if you stir it, the color goes everywhere within seconds.
  • In addition, the circulation of air helps your sweat evaporate faster, and this has a cooling effect on your skin. This means you can set your AC to a higher temperature while feeling just as comfortable. This trick can shave significant amounts off your energy bill on hot days.
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