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Cooling DFW in 100+ Degree Heat

1. CHANGE YOUR A/C FILTER!Changing the air conditioner filter really does have a HUGE effect. Even a partially clogged filter can result in a/c breakdown during extreme heat.

2. Keep the a/c thermostat at a steady temperature: when you are away, 76 to 78 degrees indoors is a starting point.Some people think that turning the a/c off during the day saves money on energy bills: it does not. When turned off all day – the a/c must work so hard to cool down a totally hot space that it uses more energy! And, you (and your house!) are hot for hours.

3. Close doors and vents in unused spaces: don’t cool what you don’t use.

4. Install shade or thermal curtains on sunny side windows of home or office; this also includes doors with glass panels.
Thermal insulating, energy-efficient curtains are available at reasonable prices at Walmart.com, BigLots.com, Amazon.com and more.

5. Do not use the oven for indoor cooking during heat of the day (just like the early pioneers!).

6. Do not run indoor clothes dryers during the heat of the day.
Or the dishwasher – or any appliance that generates heat.

7. Turn down the a/c thermostat a couple degrees at night.
You will sleep better – and the a/c must work less to cool your home during evening hours.

8. Use a Digital Thermostat. Digital Thermostats are more accurate and can be programmed to set different temperatures for specific times of the day.

9. Maintain Your A/C! Like running a car for 100,000 miles without an oil change – never maintaining your air conditioner could mean a total a/c breakdown at the worst time.

10. Shade the A/C outdoor unit, if possible.
In times of extreme heat – an unused beach (or patio) umbrella can be re-purposed to provide shade for the outdoor unit. (However, be careful not to block or touch the coils.)

Thanks to Integrity Air Conditioning

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