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Home warranty companies provide warranty contracts to existing home owners, new home buyers, home sellers, real estate agents and title companies to protect the purchaser from unexpected home appliance repairs.

In Texas, a home warranty is also called a residential service contract because repairs are made only when appliances and systems break. When parts cannot be found to repair your equipment, you may receive cash to purchase a replacement or a replacement may be installed, compared to a traditional warranty service, which automatically replaces equipment when it fails. Irreparable equipment is not always replaced.

A residential service contract saves time, money and hassle because most people don’t budget for unexpected home repairs. The systems and appliances in the examples above are covered by the residential service contract (home warranty). Also, most people do not know a trustworthy contractor in every discipline required to all the repairs needed around the home. At Nations Home Warranty, we have contracts with the finest service providers in the North Texas area.

You will pay a monthly or yearly basic coverage fee. All major credit cards are honored or you may use a check debit authorization. When you need a repair, you will be required to make a co-pay when the service contractor comes to your home. You must use our contractor when service is needed at your home.

We offer a variety of packages to suite your specific needs. Home warranty packages can be purchased with an annual or monthly fee.

  • You do not have to pay for the contract until the house has sold.
  • A home warranty gives you the opportunity to compete with a brand new house next door. The Buyer is assured that systems and appliances are covered for the first year of ownership.
  • Percentage of homes offered for sale with residential service contracts sell 60% faster.
  • 96% of homes offered with residential service contracts receive a higher selling price.
  • Additional signage to advertise the home warranty can be added to the FOR SALE sign, so a potential buyer knows that the coverage is being provided.
  • FREE SELLERS COVERAGE: If you have signed a listing agreement with a Realtor, you may order service through Nations Home Warranty during the listing period. You will only be responsible for the co-pay and any additional fees itemized in the Limitations of Liability. Please read items 59 through 71 in the application.
  • In Texas, the Buyer gets to choose the home warranty company when the loan closes. INSIST on using Nations Home Warranty, when you get the chance to choose, so you know you’re getting the best home warranty coverage in Texas.
  • Most Sellers pay for a residential service contract (home warranty). Ask your Realtor to negotiate this for you!
  • When you purchase a pre-owned home and a residential service contract through Nations, you will have Nations’ Peace of Mind service. You’ll know that all of your home’s systems and appliances will be covered for the first year of ownership.
  • Nations Residential Service is a locally owned and operated home warranty company in Dallas, Texas. We are Texans serving Texans and we are neighbors you can count on.
  • Your residential service agreement (home warranty) is renewable every year with all coverage extended in the renewal period. We also extend coverage of Termites and household pests. Most home warranty companies do not continue this coverage in the renewal period.